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FLEXx TOP | Dispensing

The Zuply Flex Top is equipped with a smart pusher system, which allows the dispensing of almost any type of food or drink packaging. The machine has a cooling unit, six standard product compartments and can dispense up to 60 different items.

The Zuply Flexx is characterized by its ease of use for both the end-user and the machine supplier. The Moove product lift brings the products to the deliver box. The Flex Top can be equipped with various verification and/or payment systems.

22 inch PCAP touchscreen display

The Flex Top dispensing machine is standard fitted with a built-up frame, containing a 22 inch PCAP touchscreen display. This frame offers also space to several payment systems (contactless, Apple Pay) and validation systems (QR-code, RFID-reader).The Flex Top is a master unit which can be extended with an addtional Flex slave or LockBlox slave to have maximal functionality and capacity

Smart Pusher system for easy dispensing

The Flex Top is equipped with an advanced pusher system. This flexible system can hold almost any food or drink packaging you want to have dispensed from the machine. You can think about yoghurt cups, bottles with smoothies or juices and even complete meal boxes or healthy baguettes.

The Flex Top is a high capacity machine and can stock up to 60 different items.  The machine is standard equipped with 6 trays with each having up to 10 pushing motors. The pusher system comes with several fittings, so it can adapt to almost every product (packaging).

Moove lift for smooth dispensing

The Moove product lift will provide smooth dispensing of high value items. After selecting, the lift will pickup the item from its shelf and bring it down to delivery box. When you have selected multiple items, the Moove lift will pick them up one by one.

Apply decals to the machine to spread your message.

Customize the machine and adapt it to your company’s corporate identity or give it a healthy wrapping


Supported systems

The Zuply Flexx Top supports the following payment and authorization systems.


Dimensions (HxBxD)
1927 x 820 x 996 mm

Dimensions without feet (HxBxD)
1830 x 820 x 996 mm

432 KG

230V / 50Hz


Network connection
1 x LAN

DMax. number of selections

Max. numbers of trays

Touchscreen display
21.5 inch PCAP

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