Why choose for Food Zuply

Because you profit from the following

Offer healthy meals

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Unattended - 24/7

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Order pick-up

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Online management

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Increase sales capacity

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Intuitive touch control

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How it works...

All Zuply solutions, regardless of size, shape and application, always work in the same way, as shown below schematically

1. Selection & ordering

The Zuply systems can always be operated with a touchscreen. In case of Food -Zuply this can be a 10 inch or 22 inch touchscreen.

What do we offer

Depending on the hardware chosen, you can select the following functionalities:

  • Registered dispense (FIFO)
  • Click & Collect via webshop or app order
  • Combi-deals
  • Discount vouchers
  • Ordering with Qnips mobile app

FIFO - Vertical | 22 inch - Full HD

The full HD GUI for the 22 inch touchscreen display gives you full functionality. This includes all the  Collect functions of the 10 inch GUI and the following direct shopping functions:

  • Product grid | Up to 16 items directly visible, scroll to see more items. You determine the order on the screen
  • Categories | Up to 6 categories are freely definable. Quickly browse through the available products using categories
  • Product info | Add text, specifications (ingredients, nutritional value or allergens) or photos and video’s.
  • Combi-deals | Combine multiple products to gain discount
  • Shopping cart | Selected items end up in your shopping cart, all items are paid for and dispensed in one go
  • Multilingual | Optionally, you may set up different languages, enabling foreign-language employees and/or users to operate the machine easily

Collect - Vertical | 10 inch

The 10 inch GUI is for Pick-up orders and offers the following functionalities:

  • Pick-up orders | by using an employees badge, PIN or QR-code
  • Easy filling | just push on the name of the order in refill-menu and the box opens.
  • Multilingual | Optionally, you may set up different languages, enabling foreign-language employees and/or users to operate the machine easily

Order & Pay with your Smartphone

All Zuply machines can be hooked up with for example the Qnips platform. Let your customers order and pay a meal with their smartphone, using a mobile app. Let them choose when they want to pickup the meal and you can plan the preparation of the meal. When the meal is ready for pickup, your customer will receiver a notification.

Quick & easy!

2. Collect & Dispense

The basic machines of Zuply, which are the LockBlox (locker) and Flexx (dispenser), can be connected in various ways.

LockBlox & Flex

Here are the main features:

  • LockBlox Breeze – Cooled locker
    • Up to 4 meter of modules with cooled lockers
    • Choose from 6 different box sizes
    • LoadShelf: box with integrated scaling device
  • Flexx Dispenser machine
    • FlexTop with built-up frame – up to 60 different selections
    • Flexx Max Duo – up to 120 different selections
  • Supported hardware
    • Verification: QR-code, RFID-tags (also company cards possible)
    • Payment: Contactless, debit/credit card, Apple Pay


The Zuply Flexx is equipped with a smart pusher system, which allows the dispensing of almost any type food or drink packaging. The machine has six standard product compartments and can dispense up to 60 different items:

  • Smart pusher system | can be flexibly configured to suit specific product packaging
  • Moove product lift | takes your fresh meal or drink to the dispatch unit in a controlled manner
  • Cooled products till 3°C perfect for perishable foods like dairy products, salads, sushi or dinner boxes.
  • Check all product info, like ingredients, nutritional value or allergens
  • Easily expandable | with an additional Flexx Slave or LockBlox® Smart modules (up to 512 compartments)


Flex Duo for double capacity.

LockBlox Breeze

Zuply machines are modular and can be connected to each other in various combinations.

  • LoadShelfNEW | an option for the LockBlox locker to dispend multiple items from one box, by using a loadcell. It is registered how much items are taken out.
  • 6 box sizes | For every product size a suitable box
  • Cooling unit | LockBlox Breeze models have a cooling unit. Up to five modules W8 can be cooled between (outside temp. max. 30ºC)
  • Payment | Various payment systems are possible (debit-/credit card, contactless payment)

3. Online Management

All Zuply solutions can be monitored and managed via the online portal ZuplyWeb. This allows you to monitor all transactions and events, as well as change products. You can even dispense products remotely


Depending on the hardware chosen, you can select the following functionalities:

  • Management
    • Product info (text, photos, translations)
    • Adjusting and activating prices
    • Remote dispensing
    • Employee access
  • Reporting
    • Turnover and dispensing operations (periodically)
    • Stock insight /Export to Excel (.csv or .xlsx)
  • Service & events
    • Overview of error messages
    • Remote service and updates

Connect with Cash Desk or POS

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Connect with your companies ERP software

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Fresh meals at work
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